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Securabit Episode 17 for xmass Santa gave us an Nmap book to give away!!!

This is a unique episode for SecuraBit, we are teaming up with the Security Justice Podcast to do a double header show.  SecuraBit recorded their show from 8-9 PST, then handed off the reins to Security Justice to finish out the night.  In doing so we had a combine set of prizes.  To win the prize required that you listen and get the correct answer to a trivia question given on SecuraBit.  You also had to listen to the Security Justice Podcast to and know the answer to their question as well.  SecuraBit even manged to start on time as well as hand off on time.  It was a very different type of show due to trying to condense everything in to a single hour.  (Good thing we didn't have any real content, Just kidding)

SecuraBit opened the show but because Jay needed to switch some things out we actually went to a break faster than normal.  When we returned from the break we did indeed have Jay on the line.  We started to go into the new Microsoft Zero Day, and Jay informed us that he had been out of the loop for a week but since the patch only came out 73 minute before he found out about it he figured he was right on time.

The next topic was Chris Gerling going to sans and taking the forensics 508 course.  Chris then told us that he felt like he should never have picked up a helix disk based on the level of knowledge he has now compared to before the course. We also discussed that many states are requiring a Private Investigators license to do forensics.   That none of us on the show agreed that this was a good idea, but yet several lobbyists have been pushing for this very idea.  Jay asked the question about what was thought about the BGP security vulnerability.  Anthony discussed a new site he went to as a security review.

After the break, we went into the trivia question.  The trivia Question was: What are the flags you have to set in order to do an NMAP-style XMAS scan in Unicornscan? We will post the winner soon in conjunction with the Security Justice podcast.  After the trivia question we went into thoughts on what to do about prior employees, handling creditials, voice mails, and emails.  We referenced the guy in San Francisco who was fired from the job, but yet still was able to hold the network he left hostage.

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Rob Fuller - Mubix,
Anthony Gartner -
Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris,
Chris Mills - ChrisAM
Jason Mueller - SecurabitJay

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Securabit Episode 16 How many F-Bombs are required for $40

In this episode we talk about Chris Gerling attending the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2008 in Washing DC.  He will be taking the Security 508 Computer Forensics, Investigation, and Response course.  If you are at the conference please make sure you look for Chris.  He also plans to take the new GPEN test while there.  We might be bringing the sock monkey to Shmoocon and have him do some interviews.

We also spoke about how few businesses are actually checking a persons signature or id for credit cards.  Most businesses are simply not checking the cards like they should be. Chris is beginning to wonder if they will card his fiancee between now and when they get married.

After the break we came back and mentioned that we were not going going to drop the Fbomb for 40 bucks as was hinted at in the chat room.  Went into the issue of dns forwarding being done on The article was actually from The Washington Post by Brian Krebs.  Anthony put a shout out to Ed Smiley for sending both Mubix and Anthony a copy of  1password.  It was a Great hookup.  Then we covered various apps on the IPhone.  We touched on what the encryption is on a 3g network.  We found a great powerpoint slide show explaining it.

After the last break we went into firewall set ups.  Everyone but Anthony is running FIOS so the discussion on how to set up the coax or ethernet wan links ensued.  You will just have to listen to it to see what kind of sense it makes.  We did get lots of comments from our faithfull in the irc channel ( #Securabit).  From there the show just went down hill with strippers and alcohol.

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Rob Fuller - Mubix,
Anthony Gartner -
Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris,
Chris Mills - ChrisAM
Jason Mueller - SecurabitJay

Special Guest: Joel Esler from and

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Securabit EP 15 Will the real Joel Esler please step forward!

Sorry for the delay in getting this episode out this time.  Anthony got stuck with doing some actual work and then we all got hit by the holidays.  We do hope you enjoy the show this week.

Mubix attended the CSI Conference and no not CSI on TV, the CSI Anual conference. The topic he found intriguing is Security and Responsibility.  If something happens how and to what extent as security professionals are we responsible and accountable.  This is a topic he brought up on twitter as well and got a lot of replies back.  Some agreeing and some not, Feel free to weigh in on this one.

Some of the references that were brought up in response to this topic were Sandboxie, castlecops, and Web of Trust.

After the break we went into a discussion on DD Images and using live view on them, but since that was a fail, Chris used QEMU.   You can even go get some test images at and convert them using a tool dd2vmdk .  The conversation went into WPA is not Busted.  We referenced Steven Gibson's explantion and Joel Eslers blog posts on the subject.  During the break we discussed a great site as well from Josh Wright about Wireless Vulnerabilities & Exploits

After the Break we were able to bring in the real Joel Esler.  Joel is part time batman as well and Joel has aggred to give us at least one batmobile, but we digress.  He actually works for sourcefire.  This is an organzation that you should take a look at, it is well worth your time.  He also is an avid security blogger and has his own blog at Joel  Joel talks about he IPS's of today are simply not the same as many of the original IPS's.

We lose Joel a little bit during the break and we cut a little more abruptly to break than we normally do.  Sorry about that!  But we kind of ran out of content and time.

SecuraBit would like to make sure everyone has a Happy Holidays and don't forget to leave us feedback on Itunes even if you don't listen via Itunes.  We want to get some of these casts out of there that have not posted in years.


Rob Fuller - Mubix,
Anthony Gartner -
Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris,
Chris Mills - ChrisAM
Jason Mueller - SecurabitJay

Special Guest: Joel Esler from and

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In this episode we have a special guest Adrian from  We conversed about the going's on at phreaknic. Adrian presented down there and this is where he ended up meeting Bruce and Heidi Potter from the Shmoocon Group.  The discussion covered a little more on the MS08-067 issues, Sans Training, and CEH.  This is the first episode where we experimented and used to allow the listeners to see just how messed up we really are.

After the break, Adrian spoke about how one of the guys from turned him on to a book for review called Googling Security: How Much Does Google Know About You? written by Greg Conti.  Anthony ended up going into some of new virus / trojan infections.  These were on the lines of antivirus 2009 and others of the type.  Consensus was that a good cleaner tool was called Rougefix (recommendatin from the IRC channel by Tim Krabek).  Adrian recommended a song by Tom Smith about Technical Suport for Dad.

We went into a little more information on the New York School district's vulnerability. We also went into a little bit on how to lock down a printer as well.  Found a list of the PJL commands for HP.

Securabit wanted to remind everyone that if you have anything to say you are welcome to come on the show and tell us what you think and know.  It is an open invitation. We want to thank those individuals who have donated to the podcast as well.  Check out a couple of our friends podcasts at and the


Chris Mills - ChrisAM

Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris,

Anthony Gartner -

Jason Mueller - SecurabitJay

Special Guest: Adrian from

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In the Halloween Episode 13 where we neglected to mention Halloween, the guys talk about a wide range of topics on the show.  The topics we covered included Australia joining the Great Firewall of China, The FBI's Dark Market Takedown, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, CERT Training, spaghetti sauce, and phreaknic 12 (where Chris was going to go but was not able to at the last minute)

The East Coast is represented up and down with Chris G traveling to New York.  We even had a ghostly apparition that sounded a lot like Jason Mueller.


Chris Mills - ChrisAM

Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris

Anthony Gartner -

Jason Mueller -

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This evening we had a podcast about the new Zero Day Exploit.  This exploit covers all versions of windows from 2000 and above.  Securabit brought in Tim Krabec from the podcast.  This covers the article from Microsoft MS08-067.

Chris Mills - ChrisAM

Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris

Anthony Gartner -


Tim Krabec (Cray Beck)

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SecuraByte Episode 4Beer

Tim's beer Optimator Spaten Munich

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SecuraBit Episode 12

Securabit Episode 12

Anthony Gartner
Chris Mills
Chris Gerling

Chris G rides the Failbus with his FIOS connection

IT Jobs: No "Widespread Worry"?:

Air Force Cyber Command:

Cracking one billion passwords per second with NVIDIA video card -


Chris G talks about running VM's in Vista Ultimate 64 bit

The guys discuss home networking

       Soekris Box:
       Netgate m1n1wall firewall 3E 2D3

AIG Executives Blow $440,000 After Getting Bailout:

Password Management Systems:

       Password Safe -
       KeePass -
       Password Gorilla - - Works on
Mac OS X
       1Password -
       Apple Keychain - - Nice,
but not portable
       TrueCrypt on JungleDisk -

New Nevada Law Requiring Businesses to Encrypt Emails with Customers -

France required to keep record all connections -,1000000308,39217959,00.htm

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This week Anthony Gartner & Rob Fuller discuss the latest computer security news.  Special guests are Vyrus and CP from the group.

Episode 11

Discussions covered the following topics:

Skynet, Advanced Dork, Google Site Indexer, These tools work worked on by CP and Vyrus and the dc949 group and are written as open source.

Rob brought up a Firefox add on called Barrier

Spoke of how we can use google alerts to help us in our daily tasks to track where our information is being sent out to.

Discussion ensued about not to be confused with and how you can do secure searching though the site and that the site purges logs with in 48 hours.

A mention of Cisco was brought up and we also spoke of a visualized version for the Cisco Mips processors and the specific virtualized version of the Cisco 7200 Routers.

BlackBerry Encryption keys may be in the hands of the Indian Government as part of the deal with Rim.
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SecuraBit Episode 10

(Apologies in advance for the short term 'wiki' look of these show notes, the public wiki will be up soon!)

On this Episode of Securabit:

Chris Gerling - Hak5chris

Chris Mills - ChrisAM

Anthony Gartner - AnthonyGartner

Jason Mueller - SecuraBit_Jay

Guest Chris Wilson

Episode 10 - A milestone!

We are all still alive even though the CERN Particle Collider has been started up.

OpenSource Projects, Software, Patches

Obama Sex Video Spam

New SecuraBit VPS! (We have since cancelled and will be moving to something else soon)

Linode with CentOS. However, no SELinux available

For CentOS help go to: #CentOS on

Tips for configuring the new server:

Disable root login on ssh Good passwords Lock down ports

The Securabit guys started using the CentOS distribution because of its interconnections with Snort

See this site for details on how to configure Snort on CentOS

In non-security related news:

Steve Jobs Apple Special Event "Let's Rock"
Apple did update QuicktTime and Bonjour:

Netbooks are everywhere: Even Commodore joins Netbook Crowd:

Google Chrome:

Milworm Chrome Exploit/Vulnerabilities Google Chrome and Germany:

MS commercial analysis:

MS Mouse:


Schneier and portable device security:

Latest happenings with Securabit Looking for a Team and mentoring atmosphere Coming soon: New Site/wiki/forums on the Linode VPS

Chris Mills: Employer Security Expo

  Talked about Password Security and showed off Rainbow Tables/Ophcrack ( and Driftnet (


Chris Wilson

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SecuraNibble:  Snort Sensor Tutorial

Chris Wilson brings us some Snort goodness with this 37 minute tutorial on how to build a snort sensor from scratch using CentOS.

I hope this is of use to everyone, it is very very well done!

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