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Join the crew as they interview special guest Marisa Fagan of SECore! Please visit our wiki for full show notes!
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Join us as we talk some lab shop with Mike Bailey and the rest of the crew! Please visit for our show notes!
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Please re-download the Steganography file from the original post.  The first one was corrupted.  It will now export with the proper lowercase key.
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Join us as we interview Nick Keuning from GFI about their Sandbox solution! Our show notes are now housed on our wiki.  Please visit this link to view them!
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This time around we are giving away books! The contest officially starts NOW and will run until 11:59PM on 11/19.  We will announce winners promptly after that. Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place.  Everyone else who scores any amount of points will be entitled to a free sticker mailed to them if [...]
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On this episode we had special guest Christofer Hoff on to discuss Cloud and Virtualized security.  We touched on some pretty amazing points and we hope you'll enjoy this show!   Please visit our wiki for full show notes!
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Hey folks, This is a wee bit late but we wanted to post the answers to our challenge that we had up before Derbycon.  Fortunately for all, there were enough tickets that nobody actually needed ours. We had a great time meeting folks and talking security, as well as meeting up with you, our valued [...]
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Please visit our Wiki for full show notes
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Join us this Friday 9/30 at the Bluegrass Brewing Company @ 10pm eastern time.  Come by and grab a beer, hang out, and let us throw stickers at you! The location is: Bluegrass Brewing Company 2 Theater Sq, Louisville, KY 40202(502) 568-2224  Here are walking directions as well.  It's 0.5 miles to walk it, and [...]
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  Join us as we interview Saviour Emmanuel Ekiko, author of the Ghost Phisher tool. Show notes are now at our wiki:
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