SecuraBit Before It Bytes!
SecuraBit EP 23 The Echo Show!!!  with Guest Marcus Carey

We have a brief discussion hackerspaces. Chris Gerling is looking into starting a hackerspace in the Richmond, VA area.

Next we cover the details about SUMO LINUX 2.0 with our guest Marcus Carey.

- Based on a stable version of Debian so we can update with Debian packages and Unbuntu Packages.
-Windows response tools will be added.
-Build a wiki with detailed documentation of all the tools included to make it easy for a newbie to get started.
-No plans for multi-boot.
-Distributed out via Bit Torrent.
-Memory analysis and RAM dumping. Cheap USB sticks have really helped with this. The analysis is also proving to be a big help in forensics.
-Will be coordinating the project on the Securabit forums (
-User feedback will help us make it better for everyone.
-Post in the forum if you are interested in helping out.

Other News Items
-Homebrew patches for zero days in the enterprise.
-Cell phones and international roaming charges at the border.
-What hardware tools should you have in a forensic toolkit?

Have something you want plugged on Securabit? Send it to

If you are interested in helping with the Richmond, VA area hackerspace contact Chris Gerling.

Anthony Gartner - @AnthonyGartner
Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris, @Hak5chris
Chris Mills - ChrisAM @packetsense
Jason Mueller - @Securabit_Jay

Marcus Carey ñ SUMO LINUX

Adobe Zero Day
Excel Zero Day  &
Forensic Talon

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