SecuraBit Before It Bytes!

This week Anthony Gartner & Rob Fuller discuss the latest computer security news.  Special guests are Vyrus and CP from the group.

Episode 11

Discussions covered the following topics:

Skynet, Advanced Dork, Google Site Indexer, These tools work worked on by CP and Vyrus and the dc949 group and are written as open source.

Rob brought up a Firefox add on called Barrier

Spoke of how we can use google alerts to help us in our daily tasks to track where our information is being sent out to.

Discussion ensued about not to be confused with and how you can do secure searching though the site and that the site purges logs with in 48 hours.

A mention of Cisco was brought up and we also spoke of a visualized version for the Cisco Mips processors and the specific virtualized version of the Cisco 7200 Routers.

BlackBerry Encryption keys may be in the hands of the Indian Government as part of the deal with Rim.
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