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SecuraBit Episode 12

Securabit Episode 12

Anthony Gartner
Chris Mills
Chris Gerling

Chris G rides the Failbus with his FIOS connection

IT Jobs: No "Widespread Worry"?:

Air Force Cyber Command:

Cracking one billion passwords per second with NVIDIA video card -


Chris G talks about running VM's in Vista Ultimate 64 bit

The guys discuss home networking

       Soekris Box:
       Netgate m1n1wall firewall 3E 2D3

AIG Executives Blow $440,000 After Getting Bailout:

Password Management Systems:

       Password Safe -
       KeePass -
       Password Gorilla - - Works on
Mac OS X
       1Password -
       Apple Keychain - - Nice,
but not portable
       TrueCrypt on JungleDisk -

New Nevada Law Requiring Businesses to Encrypt Emails with Customers -

France required to keep record all connections -,1000000308,39217959,00.htm

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