SecuraBit Before It Bytes!
SecuraBit Episode 22 Episode 22 Schmoocon Recap

We reflect back on Schmoocon 2009, the Podcasters Meetup, and look foward to DEFCON.
Also we cover patch Tuesday, Back|Track 4, and a community replacement for Helix.

Anthony Gartner - @AnthonyGartner
Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris, @Hak5chris
Chris Mills - ChrisAM @packetsense
Jason Mueller - @Securabit_Jay

<a href="">Schmoocon</a>
<a href="">Podcasters Meetup</a>
<a href="">Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-003</a>
<a href="">Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-004</a>
<a href="">Back|Track 4</a>
<a href="">DEFCON</a>
<a href="">Helix</a>

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