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SecuraByte Episode 3

Last night we did a spontaneous hour long interview with the guys from HacDC, a Hackerspaces group.

Rob Fuller - Mubix
Chris Mills - ChrisAM

Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris

Nick Farr - Treasurer HacDC
Mitch Altman - - NoiseBridge San Francisco

HacDC  and Hackerspaces.

What is a Hackerspace?: Physical space where hackers make things, in
person place to do things rather in addition to online.  People can
work on their own projects and collaborate with others.

Mitch has been working on Brain machines.

Tips on how to start a hackerspace:

- Visit a hackerspace

- Document on Hackerspace design patterns (PDF).

- Go to Visit: and email questions about getting started to

- Last Hope Talk: Building Hacker Spaces Everywhere: Your Excuses are Invalid - Nick Farr and Friends (MP3).

If I am not a member, can I go: Yes!

Some hackerspaces mentioned:

NY Resistor
C-base (Berlin Germany)
The Hacktory (Philadelphia)

Mitch working on SF Space, NoiseBridge
NoiseBridge email list

Intersting Hackerspace projects:

Blinkenlights -

Project Blinkenlights was a light installation in the Haus des Lehrers
building at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin that transformed the building
front into a giant low-resolution monochrome computer screen.

tmplab -

Paris France (French)

Columbia heights Wireless -

The Columbia Heights Wireless Project aims to provide wireless access to
the Internet to HacDC's neighbors in Columbia Heights. This project, in
three phases, will help test different technologies and methods for
providing this access as well as building local neighborhood IT

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