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SecuraNibble Episode 03 - Security Hour on IMP

SecuraNibble Episode 03 - Security Hour on IMP

This SecuraNibble is released out of band is an extra episode outside our normal releases.  This SecuraNibble is the recording of the conversation that happened on The International Mac Podcast held during their 12 Cubed event held on December 12, 2009.  The conversation was a general security round table held between our own Anthony Gartner, and panel of 4 other security pod-casters.  The panel of pod-casters include Bart Busschots of the International Mac Podcast, George Starcher of Typical Mac User Podcast, and the one and only Paul Asadoorian of fame.

This SecuraNibble is not an extremely in depth and geeky conversation but one that covers a lot of general information and it applies to all operating systems not just the mac.

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