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Securabit Episode 75:  Booze over IP
February 9, 2011

Anthony Gartner – @anthonygartner
Chris Gerling  – @chrisgerling
Christopher Mills – @thechrisam
Jason Mueller – @securabit_jay
Andrew Borel –  @andrew_secbit
Tony  (myne-us)  – @myne_us

Mike Dahn
twitter:  @mikd

Joe Gottlieb
Twitter: joe_gottlieb

General topics:
Mike:Bsides origins and other.
Joe: Open Security Intelligence

On Monday, February 14th, SIEM and log management vendor SenSage will introduce the Open Security Intelligence forum to the security community to become involved in. The concept of the community is to share best practices in open security analytics to improve our collective security defenses. Specifically, Joe Gottlieb, President and CEO of SenSage would like to discuss:
- Current challenges with today’s SIEM tools, which are a decade old
- Why security analytics needs to be ‘open’
- Why integrating business intelligence tools (i.e. Pentaho, Microsoft Exchange, Cognos, etc.) with SIEM tools can create useful dashboards that help security analysts mine huge data stores for the ‘needle in the haystack’ information they need
- Why ‘security quants’ (analysts that can look deep into the data and develop complex yet useful SQL queries) will become the next role in the SOC
- The benefits of joining the community and sharing best practices

The community will be hosted on a web portal – – that is under development and will be discussed in our Feb. 14 release. Also, Joe is also giving a talk at Security BSides  SF on 2/14 at 3pm PT on this very topic.

--HBGary Federal

attack does not yet have reports of how they where attacked. The comment on the website was for the 1999 attack where someone defaced the nasdaq website.

Quotes from

The operator of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange said it found "suspicious files" on its computer servers, in a Web application called Directors Desk which is used by members of corporations' boards of directors who want to share information and files.

"What seems most likely is that the web servers were compromised in an attempt to use them to inject malicious software into their clients," commented one reader of the blog.

to contact: info (at) securitybsides dot org -or- call 415-742-1739

--Exploit developers corner
Looking for exploit developers!

If you have recently published an exploit or have a previously published exploits you would like to talk about contact us at or can contact Tony (myne-us) directly on IRC at freenode #securabit to have a small interview about your discovery.

List of common questions.

-How did you find the vulnerability?
-What is your goal in vulnerability research?
-How did you go about disclosing the vulnerability and how did the vendor respond?
-And more...

!!Caution!!:  No undisclosed vulnerabilities (0 day)! These vulnerabilities need to be reported to the vendor and patched or exceed a time period where vendor did not patch. If interested in releasing exploit on the show that is fine if can show proof you disclosed to vendor or see the proof of concept already posted on exploit-db or have a CVE.

Us:NetWitness Spectrum at RSA

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