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Securabit EP 15 Will the real Joel Esler please step forward!

Sorry for the delay in getting this episode out this time.  Anthony got stuck with doing some actual work and then we all got hit by the holidays.  We do hope you enjoy the show this week.

Mubix attended the CSI Conference and no not CSI on TV, the CSI Anual conference. The topic he found intriguing is Security and Responsibility.  If something happens how and to what extent as security professionals are we responsible and accountable.  This is a topic he brought up on twitter as well and got a lot of replies back.  Some agreeing and some not, Feel free to weigh in on this one.

Some of the references that were brought up in response to this topic were Sandboxie, castlecops, and Web of Trust.

After the break we went into a discussion on DD Images and using live view on them, but since that was a fail, Chris used QEMU.   You can even go get some test images at and convert them using a tool dd2vmdk .  The conversation went into WPA is not Busted.  We referenced Steven Gibson's explantion and Joel Eslers blog posts on the subject.  During the break we discussed a great site as well from Josh Wright about Wireless Vulnerabilities & Exploits

After the Break we were able to bring in the real Joel Esler.  Joel is part time batman as well and Joel has aggred to give us at least one batmobile, but we digress.  He actually works for sourcefire.  This is an organzation that you should take a look at, it is well worth your time.  He also is an avid security blogger and has his own blog at Joel  Joel talks about he IPS's of today are simply not the same as many of the original IPS's.

We lose Joel a little bit during the break and we cut a little more abruptly to break than we normally do.  Sorry about that!  But we kind of ran out of content and time.

SecuraBit would like to make sure everyone has a Happy Holidays and don't forget to leave us feedback on Itunes even if you don't listen via Itunes.  We want to get some of these casts out of there that have not posted in years.


Rob Fuller - Mubix,
Anthony Gartner -
Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris,
Chris Mills - ChrisAM
Jason Mueller - SecurabitJay

Special Guest: Joel Esler from and

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