SecuraBit Before It Bytes!
Securabit EP 19 MS DOS's itself, and more!!!

In this episode which is likely to be out of sequence. SecuraBit did a recording on the 31st of the year and we will likely release it but episode 18 was a potential lost episode. Chris Mills talks about how twitter has changed some of it's security measures in the aftermath of the hack on its admin accounts. He even did some testing of a bogus account. We even got into some discussions on which types of phones handle what kind of sites. Please be careful, Jay is going to be getting a twitter account and might actually post. Oh FRAK!!!!

The next part on the agenda was the new Windows 7 Beta. This caused Microsoft to DOS itself. Which really takes a LOT to happen.

After the break we started to go into some tools we actually use or have used and wanted to recommend. Jay spoke of his Retina software they use. We did play a nice practical joke on jay and left him hanging in the wind for a few moments, but he did recover. Spoke about running ISS for the nice pretty reports for the higher up's and Nessus for the technicians. Anthony mentioned Hot Spot Shield which works on windows, mac, iphone and many other platforms. The chat room recommended Open VPN but none of us had used it. Chris Mills also went into one of the tools he used back in the day but recently started to use again called NTop.
Talked about itunes going DRM free. Always a good thing!!! This then drifted in to a conversation about players in general. Jay recommended and how they covered CES so well. This then divulged into computers for kids as well as netbooks.
Anthony is getting close to being able to do the Mix MInus. This means there will be the chance to play the music / voice mails / audio feedback on to everyone so that we can comment or answer the questions. This will be a welcome addition to the show.
Jay stated our new goal - to be "Internet Famous"

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Check out the end of the cast for Jay's audition for American 1dol!!!

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