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Securabit Episode 16 How many F-Bombs are required for $40

In this episode we talk about Chris Gerling attending the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2008 in Washing DC.  He will be taking the Security 508 Computer Forensics, Investigation, and Response course.  If you are at the conference please make sure you look for Chris.  He also plans to take the new GPEN test while there.  We might be bringing the sock monkey to Shmoocon and have him do some interviews.

We also spoke about how few businesses are actually checking a persons signature or id for credit cards.  Most businesses are simply not checking the cards like they should be. Chris is beginning to wonder if they will card his fiancee between now and when they get married.

After the break we came back and mentioned that we were not going going to drop the Fbomb for 40 bucks as was hinted at in the chat room.  Went into the issue of dns forwarding being done on The article was actually from The Washington Post by Brian Krebs.  Anthony put a shout out to Ed Smiley for sending both Mubix and Anthony a copy of  1password.  It was a Great hookup.  Then we covered various apps on the IPhone.  We touched on what the encryption is on a 3g network.  We found a great powerpoint slide show explaining it.

After the last break we went into firewall set ups.  Everyone but Anthony is running FIOS so the discussion on how to set up the coax or ethernet wan links ensued.  You will just have to listen to it to see what kind of sense it makes.  We did get lots of comments from our faithfull in the irc channel ( #Securabit).  From there the show just went down hill with strippers and alcohol.

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