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SecuraBit Episode 7

On this episode of SecuraBit, we talk to Chris Eng and Chris Wysopal from Veracode about SOURCE Boston, as well as Jennifer Leggio about Twitter and more:

I'm going to be installing wiki software and recruiting some folks to help us do proper full show notes for each episode.  We're also looking for people to help out with the forums, IRC, and research for technical segments.  If you can contribute in any way we'll make sure you get recognized.

Direct link to show here.

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SecuraByte Episode 2

Last night we decided to discuss a little more on the DNS vulnerability issue that's been the hot topic everywhere in terms of detection and defense.  Thanks to guest Chris Wilson for his invaluable insight into the snort signature we were provided by alexkirk in #snort on

We also discussed detection of encrypted traffic on a network, and some of the implications of it.

Direct link to the mp3 is here.

Apologies for Chris Wilson's audio, his speakers were on unbeknown-st to us, and I cleaned it up as best I could. :)

Also, the stickers are finally in!  Get your T-Shirts and stickers here!

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SecuraByte Episode 1:  DNS Haiku

Today we introduce a new portion of the show: Securabytes. Securabytes are unannounced episodes, they could be last minute interviews or just more beer induced security speak. So, without further ado, here is the first Securabyte from the Securabit Podcast.

"Introducing haiku-DNS: [laughing corruption collapsing kittens gallop nectars forgiving] =" - Chris

Wesley McGrew of McGrew Security, Martin McKeay of the Network Security Blog / Podcast, and some guy name Joel joined me (Rob Fuller) last night to discuss the DNS vulnerability leakage that happened about quitting time yesterday (7/21). We discuss the leak, how the vulnerability works, mitigating, and the potential it has on mass scales. Every one of the gentlemen that joined us, and we here at Securabit urge you to patch as soon as possible. If you need further information, please check the following links:

Direct link to this episode:

Check to see if you are vulnerable:

In depth explanation of the vulnerability:

More supporting links:

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SecuraBit Episode 6

On this episode of SecuraBit Chris, Jay, and the crew discuss:

Major DNS vulnerability patched!
Check your DNS vulnerability status here!
BackTrack 3:  Hard Drive?
More BT3 goodness! (Courtesy of pure_hate)
Andy's Trip to Spain!
Various other things, and if you haven't noticed by now.. bloopers!

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Thanks for listening!

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