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In the Halloween Episode 13 where we neglected to mention Halloween, the guys talk about a wide range of topics on the show.  The topics we covered included Australia joining the Great Firewall of China, The FBI's Dark Market Takedown, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, CERT Training, spaghetti sauce, and phreaknic 12 (where Chris was going to go but was not able to at the last minute)

The East Coast is represented up and down with Chris G traveling to New York.  We even had a ghostly apparition that sounded a lot like Jason Mueller.


Chris Mills - ChrisAM

Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris

Anthony Gartner -

Jason Mueller -

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This evening we had a podcast about the new Zero Day Exploit.  This exploit covers all versions of windows from 2000 and above.  Securabit brought in Tim Krabec from the podcast.  This covers the article from Microsoft MS08-067.

Chris Mills - ChrisAM

Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris

Anthony Gartner -


Tim Krabec (Cray Beck)

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SecuraByte Episode 4Beer

Tim's beer Optimator Spaten Munich

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SecuraBit Episode 12

Securabit Episode 12

Anthony Gartner
Chris Mills
Chris Gerling

Chris G rides the Failbus with his FIOS connection

IT Jobs: No "Widespread Worry"?:

Air Force Cyber Command:

Cracking one billion passwords per second with NVIDIA video card -


Chris G talks about running VM's in Vista Ultimate 64 bit

The guys discuss home networking

       Soekris Box:
       Netgate m1n1wall firewall 3E 2D3

AIG Executives Blow $440,000 After Getting Bailout:

Password Management Systems:

       Password Safe -
       KeePass -
       Password Gorilla - - Works on
Mac OS X
       1Password -
       Apple Keychain - - Nice,
but not portable
       TrueCrypt on JungleDisk -

New Nevada Law Requiring Businesses to Encrypt Emails with Customers -

France required to keep record all connections -,1000000308,39217959,00.htm

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