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In this episode we have a special guest Adrian from  We conversed about the going's on at phreaknic. Adrian presented down there and this is where he ended up meeting Bruce and Heidi Potter from the Shmoocon Group.  The discussion covered a little more on the MS08-067 issues, Sans Training, and CEH.  This is the first episode where we experimented and used to allow the listeners to see just how messed up we really are.

After the break, Adrian spoke about how one of the guys from turned him on to a book for review called Googling Security: How Much Does Google Know About You? written by Greg Conti.  Anthony ended up going into some of new virus / trojan infections.  These were on the lines of antivirus 2009 and others of the type.  Consensus was that a good cleaner tool was called Rougefix (recommendatin from the IRC channel by Tim Krabek).  Adrian recommended a song by Tom Smith about Technical Suport for Dad.

We went into a little more information on the New York School district's vulnerability. We also went into a little bit on how to lock down a printer as well.  Found a list of the PJL commands for HP.

Securabit wanted to remind everyone that if you have anything to say you are welcome to come on the show and tell us what you think and know.  It is an open invitation. We want to thank those individuals who have donated to the podcast as well.  Check out a couple of our friends podcasts at and the


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