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SecuraBit Episode 26:

SecuraBit Episode 26: "@Quine and back to Roots"

This week we interview Zach Lanier aka @Quine, the Security Twits manager.  We ask all about Security Twits as well as delve into some security topics in the second half.  Listen all the way through to hear us as our normal selves without serious guests, it's a riot!

Security Twits is a listing of security professionals on Twitter.  It's a great opportunity to discover other great people in our community.  Go to for more details and follow @securitytwits as well as @quine on twitter.

Anthony Gartner - - @anthonygartner
Chris Gerling - - @hak5chris
Christopher Mills - - @thechrisam
Jason Mueller - - @securabit_jay

Zach Lanier - - @quine


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SecuraByte Episode 06:  HP SWFScan

We're proud to announce a new tool from HP's Application Security Center called SWFScan.  Prajakta Jagdale and Matt Wood from the HP Web Security Research Group  explain why SWFScan was created, and the hope that it will help developers produce more secure flash applications.

Anthony Gartner - @AnthonyGartner
Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris, @Hak5chris
Chris Mills - ChrisAM @packetsense

Prajakta Jagdale (
Matt Wood - HP Web Security Research Group

SWF Scan (
HP (
Win a Cheeseburger (

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SecuraBit EP25 Jayson E. Street's Talks about his book f0rb1dd3n

Securabit Episode 25 Show Notes "Jayson E. Street's f0rb1dd3n"

This week we interview Jayson E. Street about his new novel f0rb1dd3n.

f0rb1dd3n is a fictional story that also provides an overview of the tools, techniques, and culture of hackers. Throughout the story reference to an appendix that will provide the detail information about the item being referenced, and where to find more information. The expected release data is in July 2009 around Black Hat and Defcon.

A beta of Sumo LINUX is targeted for release the first week of April.

Quine will be our next guest interview.

Anthony Gartner - @AnthonyGartner
Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris, @Hak5chris
Chris Mills - ChrisAM @packetsense

Jayson E. Street -


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Securabit Episode 24 ìG, Mark Hardy

In this episode of Securait we are joined by G. Mark Hardy, President of National Security Corporation.

The history of computer security industry
The Shmoocon Puzzle 2009 Badge Puzzle
The Value of Information
Coffee Wars IX
Developing Public Speaking Skills
Explaining Technical Topics to Nontechnical Audiences
Are bad times good for security professionals?
The Value in Investing in Yourself

Anthony Gartner - @AnthonyGartner
Chris Gerling - Hak5Chris, @Hak5chris
Chris Mills - ChrisAM @packetsense
Jason Mueller - @Securabit_Jay

G. Mark Hardy -

Shmoocon 2009 Badge Puzzle (
CoffeeWars (
Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945 (
Tight Security for Tough Times (

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