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Shmoocon 2010 Podcasters Meetup - NSFW!!!!!!

This is the audio from the 2010 pod-casters meet up.  This is UNEDITED and completely raw.  This file is NOT safe for work.  You have been warned.

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SecuraBit Episode 50:  Interview with Rob Lee!

SecuraBit Episode 50:  Interview with Rob Lee!

  • What is SANS vLive?
  • Forensics
  • DOD Cyber Crime
  • How the forensics classes are structured.
  • 508 course and how it's changed. Divided up into essentials and then follow on courses.  6 total courses for all of the info.
  • APT - Advanced Persistant Threat
  • Q & A from the IRC

If you haven’t taken the Security 508 course yet we have an excellent  opportunity for you!  Rob will be teaching the SEC508 (Forensics) course  via the SANS vLive! platform beginning 3/23/2010.  Classes will occur  every Tuesday and Thursday until 4/29/2010 from 7-10PM EDT.

Use code SB508 to get a free GCFA certification attempt with the  purchase of the full course. Chat with us on IRC at #securabit

Hosts: Anthony Gartner – @anthonygartner Christopher Mills – @thechrisam Chris Gerling  – @chrisgerling Jason Mueller – @securabit_jay Andrew Borel –  @andrew_secbit

Guests: Rob Lee - @robtlee



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