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SecuraBit  Episode 55:  10000 Tubes of KY and a Case of Dog Biscuits!

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Anthony Gartner – @anthonygartner
Christopher Mills – @thechrisam
Chris Gerling  – @chrisgerling
Andrew Borel –  @andrew_secbit

Missing Hosts:
Jason Mueller – @securabit_jay

Joshua Wright - @joswr1ght

- Josh talks about the MiFi hack
- Bluetooth Hacking
- Barcode scanner hacking including the Bluetooth scanner hacks
- SANS SEC617 SEC617 Course
- 617BIT Discount Code for $500 off the vLive! Course
- Upcoming courses taught by Josh Wright
- Pentest summit - Baltimore, MD - Josh will be speaking there.  His talk will be about essential crypto for pentesters.

General topics:
Mcafee Released a failed (fubar) virus definition Discussion thread
Gmail authentication code stolen
Someone we know was owned

SEC617 Course
Bruce Schneier's book list
Dark Reading - Taking Penetration Testing In-House

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SecuraBit  Episode 54 - Lions and Tigers and Banking Trojans, OH MY!

Hosts: Anthony Gartner – @anthonygartner Christopher Mills – @thechrisam Chris Gerling  – @chrisgerling Jason Mueller – @securabit_jay Andrew Borel –  @andrew_secbit

Guests: Sean-Paul Correll - @lithium - Threat researcher at Panda Security

According to the Panda Annual security report, 66% of all malware are trojans:

Definition of a Banking Trojan.

Mariposa bot net take down:

Virus Total Web:

Appeared at Security B-side in San Francisco Playing with Fire – Live Demonstration of Today’s Most Dangerous Malware

Chat with us on IRC at #securabit

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