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SecuraBit Episode 80:  Our 8080 Episode
April 20, 2011

Anthony Gartner – @anthonygartner
Christopher Mills – @thechrisam
Andrew Borel –  @andrew_secbit
Tony Huffman – @myne_us
Dan Mitchell - @danmitchell

int80 - @dualcoremusic

General topics:


Patch Tuesday April 2011 64 patched:

Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - April 2011

Verizon 2011 Data Breach Report

“Starting Saturday night at approximately 5pm Pacific time, an automated script began crawling our Web site in search of unvalidated parameters.  After approximately two hours of nonstop attempts, the script discovered a SQL injection vulnerability in a simple PHP script that serves up customer reference case studies by vertical market.  As with many ancillary scripts common to Web sites, this customer case study database shared the SQL database used for marketing programs which contained names and email addresses of leads, channel partners and some Barracuda Networks employees.  The attack utilized one IP address initially to do reconnaissance and was joined by another IP address about three hours later.  We have logs of all the attack activity, and we believe we now fully understand the scope of the attack.”

“Personal information of about 3.5 million Texans -- including names, mailing addresses and Social Security numbers -- was posted on a publicly accessible server at the state comptroller's office, much of it for more than a year, Comptroller Susan Combs said.”

Michigan Police taking your phones
“The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is currently engaged in a war of words and requests for information on a device used by the Michigan state police that can extract information from cellphones. The device, which has reportedly been in use since at least 2008, is apparently being used by the police during minor traffic violations.”


Georgian woman cuts off web access to whole of Armenia

Hacker Group Changes Millions of Passwords to "password"; Only 38% of Users Notice
“Passwords from over 3,000,000 user accounts were apparently set to "password" late last night in a wide-spread hack that affected hundreds of news, retail and Web 2.0 sites. Most affected users are completely unaware of the attack.”

Quick Mentions:
FBI take down botnet
Facebook adds 2 factor
Flash 0 day:
Anything below version is vulnerable

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